Friday, June 02, 2017

EPA begins offering buyouts to cut staff: report

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has kicked off its buyout program to reduce staffs numbers, according to an internal memo reported by Reuters on Thursday. The EPA memo was sent to all agency employees as President Trump, joined at the White House by EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, announced that the U.S. would withdraw from the Paris climate change accord. The EPA plans to submit the buyout proposal to the White House's Office of Management and Budget for approval in June and work to "expedite the review process," Reuters reported. The EPA has said it aims to complete the buyout program by the end of the fiscal year in September. "Early outs and buy outs...can help us realign our workforce to meet changing mission requirements and move toward new models of work," reads the memo sent by acting Deputy Administrator Mike Flynn, Reuters reported...more

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Anonymous said...

"Buyout" should be "bye-out", as in "bye-out the door you go". And, instead of being paid $12 million, these enviros should be PAYING at least that to all the victims of their widespread tyranny, and another $12 million in fines for violating everyone's constitutional rights.

This article had a comment and a reply that points out the hypocrisy of enviros:

Wutz It:

The EPA helps make our water clean and that we aren't poisoned by chemicals. I like that.

Vote For Meteorite:

The Animas River disagrees.