Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Figure-8 Roping is unique to San Benito County

Leslie David

 Rodeo aficionados love the Figure-8 because it's challenging and authentic

A fantastic event at the Saddle Horse Show and Rodeo that is truly “San Benito” is Figure-8 roping, which is a method for roping cattle originally used by the early California vaquero. The cowboy can rope the animal and give it medicine or treat an ailment out in an open pasture. This tricky move catches the steer over the head and crosses in front of its chest (making the figure eight shape) and then goes around its two front hooves. This catch will slow the steer up and bring it under enough control to treat with medicine.  “It is still used at brandings today,” said Mike O’Connell, who was a scribe for the San Benito Horse Show and Rodeo eliminations. The Figure-8 is a source of pride for local cowboys and it authentically is still done out in the field...more

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