Monday, June 26, 2017

Interior Department Secretary Ryan Zinkle Visits Montana

Interior Department secretary Ryan Zinkle will be in Montana, this week. But it may not be the homecoming he was expecting. Zinkle, who was our Congressman, was picked by President Trump to serve as the new Interior secretary. It is because of that we had a special election and now Greg Gianforte is our congressman. The problem is Environmental groups are trying crash Zinkle’s homecoming. The Tree Hugers, oh I’m sorry I meant to say, the Montana environmental groups, are upset that Zinkle is reviewing and possibly scale back or even eliminate funding for certain national monuments. Dozens of monuments are under the new Interior secretary control. The groups are also worried about how he will deal with the Upper Missouri River Breaks. Zinke, who is in town to speak at Western Governors Association, will be met with protests. Billboards demanding he not touch the Upper Missouri River Breaks are going up. “Don’t touch the national monuments!” is the chant he may be hearing instead of the “Welcome Home Ryan Zinke” chant he may have been expecting...more

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