Sunday, July 30, 2017

Horse Stuck in Trailer Window - VIDEO

When Megan Cook started loading her horse Greycee, she had no idea that she would be coming out one of the windows. The window bars were covering the window, but the grey Arab decided to jump out the window before they could even load the second horse into the trailer. She completely destroyed the bars over the window on her way through. Greycee became hopelessly stuck with her head and front legs outside the window. A tractor with a front bucket was brought to give the mare support for her front feet. “I don’t care if she falls out, I don’t care, if she gets out she’s going to be fine,” a woman can be heard saying on the video. Once the mare was supported by the loader, the group discussed the best way to extricate Greycee from her predicament. It was decided Greycee would break her legs if she was backed up into the trailer, so they made plans to pull her from the front. While the group was making up their mind, Greycee made their decision for them...more

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