Monday, September 11, 2017

Public Lands Might Stay Public – For Now video

...Western Values Project – a pro-conservation group representing “folks who live in the Rocky Mountain West” – is going after U.S. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke for looking to trim back many of the nation’s national monuments and public lands. Last month the group released an ad attacking Zinke, and it may have had some effect. As of late August, he recommended that none of the twenty-seven national monuments under review by the Trump Administration be removed. Some of them may have changes to their boundaries – but they will continue to allow for public access. The Western Values Project video begins by showing the signs at the entrances of public lands, “signs of American heritage, history and values. Signs meant to preserve public lands – forever.” These lands have been under review, “what Ryan Zinke signs in Washington could post these signs across the west.” In bold red letters, the signs say “Keep out. Violators will be prosecuted.” The narrator continues, “Zinke is pushing a federal plan that threatens access to public lands – blocking YOU out.” According to Western Values Project, Zinke is proposing to “privatize campgrounds in national parks.” This possible privatization “is a sign of things to come. A sign that Zinke stands with Washington. Not the West.”...more

Here is the video mentioned in the article:

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