Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Ramona Morrison Replies

Concerning my post of the article BLM made serious mistake with show of force at Nevada standoff retired agency officials say , Ramona Morrison wrote:

Fascinating rewriting of history by two former BLM Officials. Here is my response to the Author:

“In your Bundy article quoting Ford and Abby, you might want to investigate Clark County, NV BLM land auctions and Abby and Ford’s connection to them, including settled lawsuits. In addition, for those horrified with 200 armed federal bureaucrats surrounding the Bundy family, prior to protestors showing up, to gather cows, you need look no further than Bob Abby for the blue print and MO. The differences were the scale of the operation, Abby never had a court order, and he never raided a ranch right next to a major freeway, i.e. witnesses.”

For at least part of what Ramona is referring to, see  
Former BLM chief pushed deal favoring his future firm -- IG  Former Bureau of Land Management Director Bob Abbey was "personally and substantially" involved in the sale of federal lands in Nevada that would have earned his future consulting firm $528,000, in violation of an ethics pledge he signed, the Interior Department Office of Inspector General said in a report released today. The report also concluded that Mike Ford, a consultant and former BLM employee who was Abbey's business partner before and after Abbey's tenure as BLM director, leveraged his connections to agency leadership to gain insider knowledge of the land sale and expedite its approval. The joint investigation by the IG and FBI was requested by former Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, Interior's solicitor and former House Natural Resources Chairman Doc Hastings (R-Wash.)...

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