Sunday, April 29, 2018

In a report quietly slipped to Congress, feds call for massive roundups of wild horses on public lands

Wild horse advocates are condemning a report the Bureau of Land Management quietly submitted to Congress that calls for massive removals of wild horses from public lands in Utah and nine other Western states. Groups derided the 24-page document as a “roadmap for destruction of America’s wild free-roaming horse and burros” because it calls for permanent sterilization, euthanasia and “sale without limitation,” a euphemism for slaughter.The report lays out several options for reducing the number of horses roaming public lands to populations the BLM has determined to be the “appropriate management level,” or AML, pegged at between 17,000 and 27,000 — a number that horse groups say is not compatible with the long-term survival of wild equines...MORE


Anonymous said...

What are the chances that BLM and the rest of government will change this mismanagement of horses.......and do the right thing?

drjohn said...

slim to zero

Frank DuBois said...

I'm afraid drjohn's assessment is correct.

Dave Skinner said...

I should buy some Alpo stock.
One of these days, somebody will make a video of what it's really like for "wild horses" -- rattlebone swaybacks, hammered graze, et cetera.
Darn that Marilyn Monroe, anyways.