Sunday, April 22, 2018

Scott Pruitt is the target of no less than 10 federal investigations

The feds are really, really curious about what Scott Pruitt’s been up to. As the controversies surrounding the EPA chief have mounted in recent weeks, so have the federal investigations. Now, the EPA’s internal watchdog has lots of questions for Pruitt, as does the top federal ethics watchdog, and the House Oversight Committee, led by Republican Trey Gowdy. There are at least 10 federal investigations focused on Pruitt’s first-class travel, unusually large security detail, frequent association with lobbying interests, pay raises for staffers, and, somehow, more. The mounting appearance of misconduct and corruption at the EPA has started to attract not just the attention of Democrats — 170 of whom have called for Pruitt’s resignation — but Republicans, too. Amid all the scrutiny, Pruitt’s office has been quick to deny any wrongdoing. EPA spokesperson Jahan Wilcox has repeatedly responded to allegations with, “This is not news.” The denials, however, haven’t stopped federal agencies from poking around. Here are the big probes currently roiling Pruitt’s scandal-ridden EPA:...MORE

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