Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Calif. Farmer Thrown In Jail After Complying With Gun Registration Law

It is common knowledge among gun owners that California has imposed a plethora of strict gun control laws that appear to be more about discouraging lawful gun ownership than preventing crime and violence. At times, it can seem as though California’s laws are designed to trap law-abiding gun owners with good intentions and transform them into “dangerous” felons overnight, even if they try to comply with the myriad of laws implemented by the state. That appears to be the case for a rather prominent farmer in the Bakersfield area, who was arrested and had his home raided by law enforcement agents after he attempted to comply with a state mandate to register his firearms and firearm accessories, according to KGET. Jeffrey Scott Kirschenmann, CEO of Kirschenmann Farms, LLC — a chief supplier of the potatoes used by FritoLay to make potato chips — was hit with a dozen felony gun charges by a district attorney on May 17 following a raid of his home in April. That raid by agents of the California Department of Justice was launched after Kirschenmann attempted to register what the state has deemed an “illegally modified firearm” through the state’s online self-registration website. Kirschenmann’s problems began when he electronically submitted pictures of an “illegally modified AR-15-style firearm” as part of his good faith effort to comply with a state law which requires the registration of “assault-style weapons” by the end of June..MORE

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