Wednesday, May 23, 2018

The Permian Takeaway Bottleneck: How Bad Is It?


°As of May 2018, the Permian oil production stands at 3.199 MMbo/d, up from 2.8 MMbo/d as of end-2017 and expected to rise by another 78 Mbo/d in June 2018.
°According to industry forecast, crude output in the basin is expected to be 3.4-3.5 MMbo/d by end-2018 and may reach 4.8 MMbo/d by 2022.
°From the actual and expected pipeline capacity profile, the oil production in the basin will outstrip the takeaway capacity from 2Q2018 through 2Q2019.
°Such a takeaway capacity tightness will not be relieved until mid-2019 when a series of major pipeline projects come on stream.

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