Wednesday, May 16, 2018

To Grow Their Movement, Bundys Pledge To Do 'Whatever It Takes'

Ryan Bundy is running for the governor of Nevada in a long-shot bid to not just fight the government, but become the government. His platform is vague so far and revolves around what he terms the “protection of our life, liberty and property.” While Bundy’s campaign seems unlikely to succeed, it is not the only front the Bundys are pursuing to further their anti-government cause. Cliven, Ryan and Ammon Bundy have all participated in speaking events around the West in the months since they left jail, many of them well-attended. At those events, they’ve told their followers to do “whatever it takes” to continue the fight. The Bundys have also met with other western families with land management gripes with the government. They’ve encouraged those families at times to follow in their footsteps and ignore federal policies, or call in the militia if needed. All of these efforts clearly show the Bundys are not going to go away just because their court case is resolved. They are actively searching for their next big protest — their next standoff if it comes to that — to put their point of view in the limelight...MORE


Anonymous said...

Lately, there seems to be a cluster of media attention & documentaries re the Oregon & Nevada protests with a biased, hate & fear-mongering portrayal of the truth.

And the timing of these broadcasts seems to fit a pattern of being aired shortly before jury selection of the related trials.

...serves a purpose ..."to persuade the public, throught the media"... that the Bundys and their supporters are all bad and ensure jury will swing gov't's way.

And just like the gov't in the Oregon & Nevada trials ...PBS, OPB & NPR didn't even try to hide their biases.

In "No Man's Land", the undercover informants, sheriff, Grasty & clueless journalists got way more air time than Bundys or Finicum ...and the Hammonds barely got a mere mention.

They even had the gall to use footage of the target practice that was orchestrated by informant Fabio Minoggio... without mention of it being staged by the FBI informant.

Nor was it ever mentioned about the fmr BLM employee sitting on jury and stating he was biased.

B Franklin Republick said...

The article says they/we are anti gov. NOT true. Any real American knows this is about returning to goverment by the Constitution. As Abe Lincoln put it by the people, for the people, and of the the people.
That headline leads in a biased way, I learned that in 7th grade Social Studies. Just the headline and many readers will have a biased point of view ingrained from the start.