Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Trump rolls back pay requirements for guides on federal lands

President Donald Trump has rolled back an Obama-mandated minimum wage requirement for outfitters and guides who operate on federal lands. President Obama had enacted a $10.10 minimum wage requirement by executive order in 2014 for businesses that operate on federal lands, such as national parks, monuments, and recreational areas. The mandate swept in outfitters and guides, including river, fishing, hunting guides, and operators engaged in multi-day expeditions, who were forced into an overtime wage structure that is inappropriate to their lifestyles. The rule applied to mountain guides and all their expedition assistants in places such as Denali National Park. Still covered by the minimum wage rule are lodge and food service workers at establishments that have permits to operate on federal land. “We objected to outfitters being in the executive order under Obama, and never got a bit of notice back from that administration,” said Rod Arno, executive director of the Alaska Outdoor Council. “It’s pretty hard to be a seasonal guide in Alaska, where our seasons are so short and intents, and you are on call 24-7 because of the dangers of weather and bears. The expense of compliance with Executive Order 13658 was harmful, if not impossible. A lot of guides are doing it as family businesses and are not paying themselves most of the time they’re actually working.”...MORE

Good news for outfitters and guides and I'm glad to see them get this relief...but...couldn't that headline just as well have been...Trump endorses Obama minimum wage order for everyone except outfitters and guides...why not rescind the entire order?

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