Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Colorado national forest closes due to wildfire that burned over 22,000 acres

A wildfire in Colorado that has burned over 22,000 acres is forcing San Juan National Forest to close its doors to visitors and employees. The forest, which covers more than 1.8 million acres in western Colorado, announced Tuesday the Stage 3 closure is "to protect natural resources and public safety" because of the danger of the blaze known as the 416 Fire. "Under current conditions, one abandoned campfire or spark could cause a catastrophic wildfire, and we are not willing to take that chance with the natural and cultural resources under our protection and care, or with human life and property," said Richard Bustamante, SJNF forest fire staff officer. Anyone caught violating the closure, SJNF said, could be punished with an individual fine of up to $5,000 or $10,000 for an organization, a six-month prison sentence, or both...MORE

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Anonymous said...

The arsonists are on the move. Never reported as that, but talk to some of the fire personnel who know. There is little protection from arsonists. Neighbor hood watch, ranchers being alert to strangers, etc can help, but these folks are well organized and we need to be equally organized. When we come to the realization that this tool of arson is being used and promoted by enemies of the USA then we might see a reduction in wild fires.