Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Here's How Many Jobs America Could Lose Because of the Trump Tariffs

President Donald Trump has argued that increased tariffs on goods imported from overseas are necessary for national security, and for the sake of boosting American business interests and the economy in general. But the fallout of the Trump tariffs may include job losses for hundreds of thousands of American workers. On Monday, the stock market plunged, with a broad selloff in tech stocks and the Dow dropping over 300 points. The iconically American motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson also said on Monday it was moving some production operations overseas. And word spread that a Missouri nail manufacturer named Mid-Continent Nail just laid off 60 workers and could be out of business by the end of the summer. The Trump trade war has been blamed for all of the events above. What’s more, a wide range of analysts and studies shows that the Trump tariffs are likely to kill the jobs of many more American workers, either because protectionist trade policies push companies to shift jobs overseas or because companies are forced to eliminate jobs entirely after finding they can no longer compete in the global marketplace...MORE

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