Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Jim Spence on the 'child separation' issue

...Let’s review the laws that apply to all people entering the U.S. without permission. Doing so is a crime. The first offense is a misdemeanor and the second is a felony. This applies to EVERYONE entering the U.S. Everyone must pass through Customs. American citizens and foreign nationals who have obtained PERMISSION to enter the U.S. often wait in long lines to do so. If they try to do an end run around border law enforcement authorities, it is a crime.

Committing crimes always comes with consequences, when the people committing the crimes get caught.

If anyone (including ALL U.S. citizens) are arrested and charged with a crime, THEY ARE SEPARATED FROM THEIR CHILDREN WHEN THEY GO TO JAIL. The kids of the accused are never put in adult jail cells with their parents when their parents are charged with crimes.

Often, in addition to the crime the parents are arrested for, if the children are in their parent's presence when their parents committed a crime, the parents are also charged with "Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor." Our system is logical. It punishes people severely for involving their children in criminal behavior.

These fundamental truths apply to ALL persons arrested in the U.S. Of course.......this is not something "new." This has been the reality of our criminal justice system for hundreds of years.

The Democrats would now have us pervert our judicial system simply for their political benefit.

Sadly, and up until recently, there was a real consensus in America that we wanted to place DISINCENTIVES into our legal system for criminal behavior. We do so because we want to reduce the number of crimes committed by parents. This structure assumes good parents are going to be reasonable enough to NOT want to be separated from their kids. Astonishingly, Democrats want to encourage criminal behavior instead of discouraging it.

 All intelligent people realize that merely "HAVING KIDS" has never been and should never be a, “Get Out of Jail Free” card...

 There is a very simple solution for every person, regardless of citizenship, who does not want to be “separated” from their kids. Don’t break laws that wind up sending you to jail...

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Anonymous said...

Are we sure that all of the adults with the children are really their parents? Maybe some of the adults are just using children to get into the US and then they leave the kids with some relative. Our immigration laws written by RINO"S and Demon-rats are not designed to support the US. Until better laws are passed then the children will continue to "suffer".