Thursday, June 21, 2018

Senate blocks bid to stop Obama water rule

The Senate voted Thursday to block a measure by Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) that would have repealed former President Obama’s landmark water pollution rule. The amendment would have prohibited funding in a major spending bill from being used by the Army Corps of Engineers to enforce the Clean Water Rule, also known as Waters of the United States. The rule was developed alongside the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Multiple federal courts have put it on hold, and the Trump administration is working to repeal it. Senators voted 62-34 to table the amendment, effectively blocking it. Republicans have consistently opposed the water rule, but 20 GOP senators voted with most Democrats to block Lee’s amendment, since it would break a deal that Senate Appropriations Committee leaders made to avoid controversial policy provisions in spending bills...MORE

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Anonymous said...

First they came for the guns and then for the water. Beware, the fools have not given up. The next thing will be the type of food you can grow and eat. Let's send all of those idiots to primitive Russia and lets them live there for 10 years. Those who survive can then be sent to primitive Korea. They won't survive that.