Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Watchdog says Ryan Zinke's speech to Golden Knights didn't violate Hatch Act

An independent watchdog has cleared Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke of wrongdoing when he gave a speech to a National Hockey League team owned by a campaign contributor. The Office of Special Counsel said Zinke's June 2017 speech to the Vegas Golden Knights did not violate the Hatch Act, a federal law that prohibits executive branch officials from engaging in political activities. The team's owner, Bill Foley, contributed to Zinke's Republican congressional campaigns and to President Donald Trump's inauguration. In a May 31 letter obtained by The Associated Press, the special counsel's office said Zinke addressed the team in his role as Interior secretary and spoke about leadership and the importance of teamwork. There's no evidence that Zinke gave a political speech or otherwise engaged in political activity, the letter said...MORE

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Dave Skinner said...

This is an utter crock. Zinke has been under completely manufactured, unprecedented fake "scrutity" by two entites controlled by the same people, the "Montana based" (In a UPS BOX) Western Values and Campaign for Accountability in DC. Guess what? Western "Values" is a completely-controlled "project" run by the New Venture Fund. And guess what? Campaign for Accountability is ANOTHER project, controlled by the Hopewell Fund. And guess what ELSE? The Campaign USED to be run by the New Venture Fund, but after it was outed that the Campaign's other program, hammering Google for "scandal," was being run by New Venture and PAID FOR BY COMPETITOR ORACLE! So New Venture moved all the money into the newly spawned Hopewell! And guess what ELSE? The SAME PEOPLE run both Hopewell, New Venture, and a number of other projects, all of which have management contracts with a private firm called Arabella Advisors, which is THE LARGEST (according to Worth magaine) "philanthropic adviser" in the US, to the "stars" like Gates Foundation, Ford, Hewlett and a zillion others.

But you've never read that in the paper. God, I love journalism.