Friday, June 22, 2018

Zinke's Halliburton mess deepens

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke met at department headquarters in August with Halliburton Chairman David Lesar and other developers involved in a Montana real estate deal that relied on help from a foundation Zinke established, according to a participant in the meeting and records cited by House Democrats late Thursday. Zinke, Lesar and the others later discussed the development project over dinner that night, the participant in the meeting confirmed to POLITICO. The new details raise further questions about Zinke's involvement in the project, and whether his conversations with the developers — especially in Interior's office — violated federal conflict of interest laws given Halliburton’s extensive business before this department. POLITICO reported Tuesday that a foundation Zinke established a decade ago agreed to let the Lesar-backed development build a parking lot on foundation land...MORE


Anonymous said...

All the left needs for a headline is Haliburton! More nonsense!

Anonymous said...

Not nonsense. Most her in his hometown will tell you what a fink he is. Poser. His SEAL career was like his political career, selfish.