Monday, July 02, 2018

BLM to gather wild horses from private lands

The Bureau of Land Management will begin an effort to gather and remove up to 100 wild horses from private lands adjacent to and within the Range Creek Herd Management Area. This gathering event is in response to numerous letters received from private landowners and the Utah Department of Natural Resources requesting the BLM to remove the horses from private lands. The Range Creek HMA consists of approximately 55,000 acres of federal, state and private lands located 10 miles northeast of Price. The BLM manages the area for up to 125 wild horses, but the current population exceeds 375, a number that may impact the area’s ecological balance. “The BLM is charged, by law, with the enhancement and maintenance of healthy rangelands in order to provide a sustainable landscape for all species residing on the range,” said Chris Conrad, BLM Price field office manager. “Excess wild horses from the Range Creek HMA are affecting rangeland resources on private lands.”...MORE

Wouldn't the same principle apply to wolves?

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