Friday, July 20, 2018

Ninth Circuit blocks Trump's second attempt to stop children's climate lawsuit

A federal appeals court has rejected the Trump administration's second attempt to throw out a climate change lawsuit by a group of children. The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals' three-judge panel unanimously rejected the administration's request for a judicial writ barring the lawsuit, Juliana v. United States, from being heard. “We denied the government’s first mandamus petition, concluding that it had not met the high bar for relief at that stage of the litigation. No new circumstances justify this second petition, and we again decline to grant mandamus relief,” read the court's order. Our Children’s Trust, representing 21 children in the lawsuit, said the ruling means the case will be heard. "This is a clean case about fundamental constitutional rights of children that not only deserves to be heard, but in our system of law, Article III courts have a duty to hear and decide this case," said Julia Olson, co-counsel in the case. "The Ninth Circuit’s opinion reflects that.”...MORE

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Ima Observer said...

Another environmentalist boondoggle, and this one focuses on "children" to obtain sympathy from the mushy brained Liberals serving on the courts. What they really want is a big settlement check to bankroll their future efforts to get big settlement checks. It is not about right or wrong, it is about creating a sue and settle scenario for extracting taxpayer cash to fund their ongoing game. They expect the government lawyers (who may actually be their own cohorts) to settle with a cash payment rather than fight a protracted and expensive legal battle in the courts.