Friday, July 27, 2018

Pickled Pig Pilot - Truck driver hauling over 150 pigs arrested for DWI

A truck driver was hauling pigs, lots of pigs, through Albuquerque on I-40 when he was popped for a DWI. Those pigs got an unexpected stopover at the State Fair grounds. When that man was pulled over and officers found more than 100 pigs on board, they spent the night there. "It's not one of those calls you really expect," said Dan Mourning, EXPO New Mexico general manager. Wednesday afternoon, State Police saw a semi hauling livestock swerving from lane to lane down I-40 near Coors and Unser. "The vehicle was all over the road," said New Mexico State Police Officer Juan Cordova. "It nearly struck another vehicle. It drifted to another lane and then all the way back." Officers pulled the tractor trailer over about a mile later. Behind the wheel was 65-year-old Terrance Yelli, a truck driver from Nebraska. "I pulled the vehicle over, I had the driver step out. Upon speaking to him I could see that he appeared to be under the influence of something," Cordova said. "His speech was slurred, he was having a hard time standing up, he was very dizzy." State Police gave him a field sobriety test. In the video, he's seen stumbling and at one point, the officer even had to hold him to keep him upright. "I don't want you to fall, the road is right here," Cordova told Yelli during the test. Yelli was making a haul from Texas to California, and he had dozens of passengers on board. "It was a unique stop because there was 160 pigs inside of the livestock trailer," Cordova said. Yelli was arrested, leaving State Police scrambling for ideas on where to put the swine. EXPO New Mexico stepped in to help...MORE

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