Wednesday, July 25, 2018

The Secretary Zinke Federal Investigation Tracker

Controversy has tailed Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke practically since he assumed the job and hoisted his specially made flag above his office. As head of the Department of the Interior, he oversees 500 million acres of public land—about one-fifth of the United States—and is charged with both preserving our nation’s natural resources and managing them for commercial use. A former Navy SEAL and an avid hunter, Zinke considers himself an outdoorsman in the style of America’s 26th president. “I’m a Teddy Roosevelt guy,” he has said. “You can’t love public lands more than I do.” But what would Roosevelt, a celebrated conservationist who created five national parks and 18 national monuments, really think of Zinke’s efforts? To answer that question, we created this helpful tracker, which judges noteworthy moments in Interior Secretary Zinke’s tenure as they happen, rating each on a scale from Perturbed Teddy to Angry Teddy to Raging Teddy...MORE

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Dave Skinner said...

What did you expect from the pattchuoli and Patagonia crowd? Never mind the scandals are being p1mped by a number of environmental groups that exist solely to rake the FOIA muck trying to find something, anything that will create the PERCEPTION of "scandal."