Sunday, August 05, 2018

Baxter Black: Mexican War Zone

How would you like to live across the street from an open Mexican border? Would you be afraid?
Do Americans of all races, ages and states have a right to fear an open Mexican border? Yes, but not because the illegal aliens will take jobs, vote fraudulently or get on the government dole, of all of which may or not be true.
Those of us who live in the Mexican War Zone appreciate that our northern neighbor's only source of info is CNN or Fox. Each channel gives you their overblown, five-minute "News Break," opposing each other. The routine debate discusses the taking of American jobs or who is responsible for illegal aliens' children, or does the Constitution mean anything? But ALMOST ALWAYS they avoid the evil beast lurking over every man, women and child on both sides of the border…DRUG USERS!
We condemn the dealers, the smugglers, the growers, anybody who is on the supply line…anyone who is trying to fill our needs. They'll do anything to get our drugs to us, and we will do anything to get it.
My fellow citizens, write this down: Mexico is a Third World Country, ruled by drug cartels with guns. The Mexican War Zone is their border, our front porch. We are their best customer. They deliver drugs to us like pizza!
To maintain their control of the border, since 2007 the cartels have murdered over 80,000 of their fellow Mexicans, both innocent and evil. Why would they sacrifice their lives? For nobility? Love of country? Supplication? Publicity?
 No! They do it for you! For your addiction, recreation, popularity…

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