Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Democrats unveil four gun proposals ahead of next session

Democratic lawmakers say they will pursue a number of new restrictions on firearms in the next legislative session – including a “red flag” law that would allow family members or police officers to seek a court order to take guns from someone they believe is an immediate threat. Also on tap are proposals that would require background checks for all firearm sales, order domestic abusers to give up their guns and impose new regulations aimed at keeping guns from children. The ideas surfaced in an all-day legislative hearing at the University of New Mexico – where a panel of lawmakers heard from police officers, gun owners and high school students. Supporters and opponents alike turned out. The Roundhouse is often a skeptical environment for gun legislation. Just this year, the legislative session ended with a filibuster that killed a nonbinding proposal on background checks. But New Mexico will have a new governor and some new House members by the time it meets next, in January, for a full 60-day session...MORE

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