Friday, August 03, 2018

Future NFL Hall of Famer Brian Urlacher makes hometown proud

LOVINGTON, N.M.— The former Lovington Wildcat, UNM Lobo, and Chicago Bear, Brian Urlacher, will be inducted to the NFL Hall of Fame Saturday at Canon, Ohio. In Urlacher’s hometown of Lovington, his name seems to be everywhere. His name is on the Lovington High School’s Training Center that he helped fund. It’s also on a street sign near the football field where he played and there’s a banner with his retired football number, 11, hanging from the gym’s ceiling. His catch in the 1995 high school state championship is unforgettable to residents who witnessed it. “Brian leaps up, and I’m telling you, he was this high off the ground. He leaps up for an interception and pulls that baby down and secures the win,” Krystie Arreola, the daughter of Urlacher’s high school coach, said. Urlacher was picked to play for the Chicago Bears in 2000. His career has been followed by those he inspires. “He was number 54 and he was a middle linebacker,” Kyle Carter, a high school football player said. “No matter where the ball was at, he was going 100 miles an hour to where it was at.” Urlacher’s success isn’t just admired by athletes. “He was a role model of mine, someone I always looked up to. Someone that was always caring, kind-hearted,” a resident said. Urlacher’s induction to the NFL Hall of Fame is making this small town even more proud. “This is a big deal you know, for us, because we were always supportive of him, and he was always supportive of us. It’s a big deal for us,” a local attorney said. On Saturday, August 4th, the town will be having a watch party for the induction at the Lea County Museum from 4:30 p.m.-8 p.m.  KOB TV

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