Thursday, August 09, 2018

Lawmaker wants to pay for Trump's wall by canceling $2,000 of foreign aid to Mexico for EVERY illegal immigrant who crosses the border

A Republican lawmaker has come up with an alternative to make Mexico pay for the president's border wall. Arizona Rep. Andy Biggs wants the United States to fine countries $2,000 every time one their nationals is caught illegally crossing America's southern border. He proposes to redirect the money from those countries' foreign aid funds. Mexico stands to lose an estimated $21 million in aid annually, a quarter of what the U.S. government sent the country in 2016, under such a proposal. Central American countries, where most of the migrants illegally entering America hail from, would be hit even harder. So far, the American taxpayer has been footing the bill for construction costs and border security enhancements requested by the Trump administration. Congress appropriated $1.6 billion to the project in 2018. Biggs' legislative proposal would only scratch the surface of the total amount that President Trump has requested - at best it would send $1 billion annually to the project. And that's if illegal immigration numbers remain at their current levels. President Trump has said he needs a minimum of $25 billion to complete the barrier's construction. Congress has steadfastly refused to give it to him. Several proposals would have given the president the money he asked for in annual sums to be revisited each fiscal year, but he rejected those on the basis that they did not fully fund his wall up front. He took issue, as well, with concessions they made to Democrats seeking protections for illegal immigrants already living in the country...MORE

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