Wednesday, August 01, 2018

'Pooping on the Playa' - Are Nevada's small desert towns ready for Burning Man's population to hit 100,000?

The town of Gerlach has a saying: Is it October yet? Gerlach, population 110 give or take, is the last stop before 80,000 people get to the Black Rock Desert each year in the months leading up to Burning Man, the notorious arts celebration held each year over Labor Day weekend. During the off-season, the few businesses in town — a gas station, diner, motel and coffee shop/bar — cater to ranchers, rocketeers, hunters and truckers passing through. But during Burning Man season, the town is abuzz with Burners. They start arriving before July. By the end of September, almost all of them are gone. "It is overwhelming," said Laura Blaylock, a five-year resident of Gerlach. The town already was stirring on a near 100-degree day in mid-July. Artists crawled around a 747 plane art installation being stored in an RV lot outside of town. A few Burning Man staff members were kicking back on the porch of their seasonal office, and vehicles with Burning Man logos drove slowly down Main Street. "Some of the people in town, they just feel like Burning Man has been forced on them," said Blaylock, who first visited Gerlach in the 1970s. Thing is, Burning Man — which started as a few dozen people in 1986 — might be getting even bigger, 20,000 people bigger. The San Francisco-based nonprofit that organizes the event wants to expand the attendance cap to 100,000; the bohemian pilgrimage has sold out each year since 2011. However, they will need the permission of the U.S. Bureau of Land Management, which runs the national conservation area where Burning Man is held...MORE

A big problem, according to the BLM, is all the pooping on the playa. 1,700 porta potties are provided and still they defecate in the desert. Not to worry friends, BLM has a solution to the pollution:

...the BLM this year suggested that volunteers and staff also "hand out or ask Burners to bring pee bottle and poop bags for camp and deep playa events." 

Will those bags be paper or plastic?

I have a suggestion. During the final event - the huge burning man fire - sling all those shit sacks onto the flames.

Let's have one big FECES FIRE to appropriately celebrate this gathering.

Let Trump Drain the Swamp in DC, while I 
Destroy the Dung in the Desert!

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