Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Michigan wildlife officials warn hunters of 'serious contagious disease' in deer

Heads up, hunting enthusiasts: The Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is warning hunters in the state to “This disease is contagious and can be debilitating to deer. Severely infected animals can struggle to even breathe,” DNR state wildlife veterinarian Kelly Straka said. “By not eradicating this in the herd, we risk the spread of the disease to new areas of Michigan and into our wild elk herd.” be wary of bovine tuberculosis in deer, a disease that's transmissible to humans, WSMH-News reported. The “serious contagious disease” is caused by the bacteria Mycobacterium bovis, according to Purdue University. It's spread “primarily through the exchange of respiratory secretions between infected and uninfected animals,” such as coughing or sneezing, according to the Michigan DNR. ...MORE

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