Monday, October 08, 2018

Zinke talks migrations

Overlooking a valley that’s a mixing pot for migratory mule deer, U.S. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke reaffirmed his commitment to protecting migrations used by elk, deer and other critters, and the winter range they lead to. “I signed a secretarial order to begin the process of looking at key components of wildlife corridors, flyways and beginning a conservation plan to protect those critical components of our system,” Zinke said from a Willow Flats overlook behind Jackson Lake Lodge. Zinke signed his secretarial order 3362 in February, but since then questions have arisen about whether it’s really changing policy to achieve migration conservation. “We’re very cautious about mineral withdrawals and mineral leases to make sure we don’t have to do a lease, and then come back and do a taking,” he said...MORE

Just like his reorganization proposal, Zinke is falling right in line with Dem's and enviros.
See this from 2010: Democrats Introduce "Wildlife Corridors Conservation Act" To Help Wildlife Cope With Climate Change,or the Wildlands Network's Wildlife Corridors Conservation Act of 2016

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