Monday, December 03, 2018

Grijalva left bar after Zinke tweet

Raúl Grijalva was at a Capitol Hill bar earlier today when Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke fired off a tweet calling him a drunkard, according to multiple sources. The Arizona Democrat and likely next House Natural Resources Committee chairman left the Tune Inn on Pennsylvania Avenue shortly after Zinke blasted out his extraordinarily harsh tweet to 88,000-plus followers, the multiple sources told E&E News. Zinke suggestively cited the same bar in his 12:02 p.m. tweet, writing #TuneInnForMore. Now Grijalva, Zinke and many others around them must deal with the aftermath of a rhetorical savaging that raises questions about Zinke's motives, smudges the boundary between public and private lives, and roughens the road ahead for a department already facing a brutal new year...MORE

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