Monday, February 11, 2019

Smith & Wesson Rejects Push By Anti-Second Amendment Shareholders

The latest strategy of gun control activists is to force gun manufacturers “to consider their social impact” by buying stock in those companies and mobilizing shareholders to demand they study the concept. The group called Adrian Dominican Sisters, led by a nun named Sister Judy Byron, is part of the Northwest Coalition for Responsible Investments, an anti-Second Amendment activist group. Their latest target was American Outdoor Brands Corporation (AOBC), which owns Smith & Wesson. The company was forced to do a study, which was released late Friday, but the results likely won’t make the nuns happy. In their report, AOBC defended itself against critics of the Second Amendment, writing, “Specific terms sometimes are used to craft a narrative in support of those agendas. For example, phrases such as ‘gun violence’ are used to create a perception that the presence of a gun, in itself, somehow creates the conditions for violence.” Moreover, the report takes swipes at liberal groups trying to tarnish the company’s reputation and bottom line. “The Company’s reputation as a strong defender of the Second Amendment is not worth risking for a vague goal of improving the Company’s reputation among non-customers or special interest groups with an anti-Second Amendment agenda,” the report reads...MORE

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