Saturday, April 13, 2019

Green New Deal has a dirty secret

The dirty little secret of the Green New Deal is not that it is an unserious proposal that has nothing to do with the environment and everything to do with the sense of entitlement of elite progressives. That is not a secret at all. It is common knowledge. The secret of the Green New Deal is that this valentine to socialism from Senator Ed Markey and Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is already obsolete.
For the American people have already passed their Green New Deal, through the miracle of free market innovation — not in the House and Senate but in the Permian Basin, at the Bakken Formation and the Marcellus Shale. The left will not admit it, but the fact is Americans are living in a golden age of clean energy, right now.
The natural gas revolution, made possible by both the discoveries of new reserves and the development of technologies to extract it from previously inaccessible deposits, has helped the United States cut pollutant emissions by 70 percent over the last three decades. Despite adding almost 100 million people to our population since 1990, an increase of 30 percent, even total carbon emissions have increased by only 2 percent. Greenhouse gas emissions are not just rising slowly. They are actually falling in recent years.
The left has long said we need to treat climate change and environmental protection as the moral equivalent of war. If that is true, where are the celebrations now that it is a battle we are finally winning? Why? Because when the facts do not fit with the liberal political narrative, they often print the narrative as fake news. Progressives said we need to find new, clean sources of energy to get us away from coal and oil. Well, we have...

Jim DeMint served as a United States senator from South Carolina.


Paul D. Butler said...

the new greed deal IS a dirty secret........leaded secret that shows mental illness of the hysterical pushers

Frank DuBois said...

"greed deal"...Always appreciate you comments. For some reason I receive quite a few comments on the Facebook posts, but not too many here on the blog. Guess it is just easier to comment and post on Facebook. Just wanted you to know I always take note of your comments, even though I don't have time to respond.

john said...

thanks frank

Paul D. Butler said...

Frank.......what I appreciate most is that you often post interesting and relevant article links that a person never sees anywhere else.

Very informative. Of course you realize some of my comments are just expressions of frustration with some of the unbelievable things going on today in our world.

Yes......I guess it is easier to post on FB........and I think one of the reasons folks tend to post there is that rightly or wrongly they believe more people will see their comments.

Another thing is..........sometimes it is just good entertainment to go back and forth with comments...........when you encounter a rabid leftist.