Thursday, April 11, 2019

Ranchers stop fugitive fleeing in bulldozer

Andy Stevens didn't think twice when he stepped out of his vehicle, grabbed his hunting rifle and pointed it at a fugitive driving a bulldozer through his neighbor's property. “He came to a fence and a gully he couldn't get through," Stevens said. “He was coming up the fence and my father-in-law and I stopped, and I jumped out and asked him to politely stop the dozer and he did. It wasn’t that wild or wooly.” On Monday, Stevens and his father-in-law, Bill Long, helped apprehend Jeremy Daniel Singer, 36, who had fled from a traffic stop about 11 hours earlier. Singer led local authorities on a chase before ditching his vehicle on Cook Road. Stevens said Singer stole a steel track bulldozer from a property owner and the trail wasn't hard to follow. “When we were tracking him, he was in a steel track bulldozer on damp soil,” Stevens said. Stevens and Long had been tracking Singer in the dozer through their own property and their neighbor's property when they found Singer traveling approximately 5 miles an hour in the dozer. Stevens then asked Singer to exit the bulldozer while holding him at gunpoint with his hunting rifle. “We were told that he was armed,” Stevens said. “As soon as he saw me, he put his hands up and stopped the dozer. I opened up the door, and I asked him to get out. He did and got on the ground and that was the end of it.” Stevens and Long contacted the sheriff's office once Stevens realized that Singer might be on his land. “Once I figured out that he came over Schoonover Road and onto our property in a bulldozer, cause another guy had seen him, then we started calling the sheriff's office and letting them know where we were at,” Stevens said. “My father-in-law was already in contact with them once I got out and got him stopped.”...MORE

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