Thursday, October 10, 2019

Rio Bravo Ranch And Key Texas Water Rights To Sell

The 1,752-acre Rio Bravo Ranch, along with its 30,000-acre feet of water per year, is on the market. The current owners say their property and associated rights that date back to 1909, represent one of the largest long-term sources of water in West Texas near El Paso. The property, which lays outside of both irrigation and conservation districts, also provides unlimited pumping access to existing wells. The ranch’s value is in the water for an investor or municipality looking for long term reliable water source. Located in Hudspeth county along the Rio Grande River, the property has unlimited withdrawals from any existing and any future water wells drilled on the property. This ranch has superior impounded water rights which were adjudicated in the Texas courts which allows for diversion from the Rio Grande as well as irrigation wells...MORE

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