Sunday, December 01, 2019

Brett Vaughn: Coyote hunting on horse back with hounds: Surprise Ending

This was one of my first videos I made years ago .. before youtube. I use to hunt coyotes with stag hounds or what we called wolf dogs. I use to go out and call them and then run them.. It was a lot of fun and good sport.
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About my Channel: You can see what it's really like to trail and hunt Mountain Lions in the Desert Southwest on Mules or Horses. You will see the hardships, the miles and the adventure involved in this style of hunting. You will see the love and care we have for our hounds. The training and care provided for our dogs as we provide them with the opportunity to do what they were bred to do. Training and care for our mules and hounds as we progress in our education of this sport. Come along the journey with me as I learn and you can learn right along with me on this quest I have to become a true dry ground lion hunter.

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