Thursday, February 13, 2020

Bob Tyrrell quotes on Pelosi and 'Plugs'


"Critics remarked on how infrequently during the State of the Union she smiled. Actually, with her skin stretched across her face so tautly, she cannot smile. She can hardly blink. Have a heart, fellows and fellowesses. She would smile and blink more if she could."


"Of course, my favorite Democratic candidate is Joe Biden. He is 77 and consults a plastic surgeon almost as frequently as Pelosi. Rush Limbaugh calls him "Plugs" because of his hair treatments. Now, cut that out, Rush. Pick on someone who can protect himself, like Joe's son Hunter. Hunter is a gifted polemicist, and now that he has settled his paternity suit and has his crack pipe back from that rental car he left it in, he will be a real asset for you on the stump."

From Tyrrell's column: Country Crock: This is America's political best!?

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