Monday, January 04, 2021

Lee Pitts: Don’t Bet On It

People are betting on everything these days. If I was a bookmaker here are the odds I’d give for random events happening in the cattle business.

A trillion to one: The odds of cow farts causing hurricanes on the gulf coast, windswept fires in California, polar bears to die or crops to fail in Africa.

One Billion to One: The likelihood that the CME will voluntarily investigate shenanigans in the futures market.

One million to 1: The probability that fake meat will replace real meat in the American diet.

500,000 to 1: The possibility that no one will ever shoot holes in your water troughs.

100,000 to 1: If you’re a public lands rancher these are the odds against the BLM or the Forest Service ever increasing your AUM’s. (The only raise you’ll ever get is in your grazing fees.)

10,000 to 1: The odds your wife will understand that you need a break from the ranch and grant you permission to go on a week-long, drunken trail drive with your buddies.

1,000 to 1: The chances that your new pickup will go a year without getting a huge dent.

1,000 to 1: The probability that you’ll get lots of rain and a good calf market in the same year. (I’ve heard this can actually happen but I don’t believe it.)

800 to 1: The odds that the two heifers that will require C-sections this year will happen at the same time so it it will only require one visit by your veterinarian.

800 to 1: The possibility that a range bull you bought will turn out to be an EPD trait leader and you get one half of all semen sales.



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Paul D. Butler said...

Lee missed his true calling.......should have been a bookie