Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Ranch Radio Song of the Day

Here is one of those fun songs so appreciated by A-10: Tin Ear Tanner (Merle Travis) & His Back Room Boys - I Used to Work in Chicago. The version I present hear is the one from the Bear Family Merle Travis box set. Its also the version used by Warped record label in their online collections. However if you go to the version provided at Internet Archive, its the same tune by the same group, but different. The Bear/Warped version has the lady asking for candy, hat, groceries, fowl, and poultry, and the first instrumental break is with a guitar. The Internet Archive version has the lady asking for shoes, fowl, chicken, eggs, carpet, and groceries and the first instrumental break is an accordion. Bear Family lists the recording date as 1945. Warped lists the same version as being recorded in Hollywood on March 6, 1946. The Internet Archives list the date as 1946. Can any of you record collectors-sleuths help clarify this? The IA version can be listened to at https://archive.org/details/78_i-used...

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