Wednesday, April 07, 2021

Border protection deletes photos of Yemeni terror watch list suspects held after crossing border


  • Two Yemeni men on FBI's terror watchlist were arrested near the point of entry
  • The details were recorded in a CBP press release posted online on Monday
  • Less than 24 hours later the press release and photos of the men were removed
  • CBP said the release 'was not properly reviewed and contained certain disclosure and policy information related to national security', so was removed
  • House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy is requesting classified briefing from the FBI and CIA to explain what is happening on the border
  • The two men were stopped on January 29 and the other on March 30
  • Both were stopped by agents from El Centro Station in Calexico, California  
  • Republicans have been warning that terrorists could try to enter via the border
  • Border agents are currently detaining around 5,000 people a day, and over 170,000 people arrived in March alone - the largest total in well over a decade 

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