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Ignoble Lies


Mafia and Mainstream Politics

Ignoble Lies

The List of Losers

By Stephen L. Wilmeth


            First things first, people … what are we supposed to be calling cross border invaders this week?

            I have asked Border Patrol agents and they stammer and kick dirt in trying to recount the most recent directive setting forth proper terminology. They sure can’t say illegals anymore. Watching their antics reveals they don’t really know any more than we do about what is going on in that bastion of conflict, the District of Columbia, and the house of the Great White Father.

            What was once straight forward even to the Spanish speaking majority of these folks is now a confused web of nods and grimaces. Seriously, ask a Mexican cowboy about them and he will refer to them as Mojados. That is what he knows them as and it has no undertone or crude connotation to him in the least.

It should be left at that.

            The recommendation, therefore, is not to get any deeper into the subject or it will only beget bewilderment. It has the potential of creating friction. We have learned we only draw disdain and more condescension by using the old standby, 20th Century translation in English. Heaven forbid trying to introduce the discussion points with the new wave of proper gender pronouns and or caste classifications of those people into a conversation.

            So, we are in a bad place.

We are damned if we do and damned if we don’t. Any reference poses real problems, and whatever we say is going to offend somebody, so we ought to just call it like it really is.

            From the elimination of politically correct alternatives, these cross-border invaders are nothing more than … democrats.

            Mafia and Mainstream Politics

            Organized crime groups have sought to influence the electoral process in at least 200 municipalities …

Such a statement would normally be discussed or even speculated upon only in private, but there it was in black and white. The article goes on to describe the actions of the jeffes and their gangster enforcers ranging from the destruction of party advertising materials, on to blackmail, and even the carefully orchestrated final solution, murder.


            When a society cannot trust its own government to enforce election integrity, laws mean nothing. They become words sprawled across thousands of pages of pork driven drivel. Legal means the corruption and the modification of the intent to suit the needs and intentions of the political ruffians, the grifters, and the outlaws.

            It may come as a shock to some, but the forgoing was not a story about the streets of America today, but, rather, from Mexico as reported by the Mexico News Daily’s June 4, 2021, edition. Ostensibly, the detail was confined to matters south of the international border, but, when there is no sovereignty enforced on the international boundary, it becomes difficult to figure which side of the border the crimes are actually being perpetrated.

            It becomes harder yet to trust anything when the Mexican president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), accuses our government of funding his political antagonists in the runup to their general election. His accusations could simply be tied to endemic Mexican corruption, but when the Wall Street Journal uses the same figure as the Mexican president, US$591M, there is a growing tendency to assume the glowing embers at the base of that smoke plume is actually fire.

            AMLO isn’t at all happy where the money is going.

            The word persists that it has been funneled into various NGOs that are espousing the same progressive worldly crappola as we see in the American Left. The three pillars of their evolved dictum include the managed values of environmental justice, gay rights, and colonial reparations.

            On the surface, AMLO espouses that these choices are not right for his people or the world.

            Mexico is vulnerable. A vulnerable Mexico makes us yet more vulnerable, too. There is no sealed border. Lawlessness to our south is indeed rampant. With nobody at the helm in DC, America is more vulnerable than at any time in history.

            If you don’t represent the right people in Mexico, your life isn’t worth much.

            With the murder of a candidate by the name of Murrieta in Cajeme, Sonora, 32 mayoral candidates have been murdered in this election cycle! A total of 50 candidates are being reported to have been killed overall. With a reported 476 acts of extreme violence, this is the second most violent election season in Mexico’s history.

            Implicit in that number is the fact that 31.1% of all contested races in this cycle have experienced extreme violence in one form or the other. It’s no wonder that so many races have only a single candidate running. Chances are high that those single candidates are not men or women of the people.

            The cartels are winning, and … winning big.

            The List of Losers

            Allies are often strange bedfellows.

            The mix of cartels and the Three Pillars crew may seem at odds, but they do have one thing in common. They both advocate for a wild and uncharted border frontier. The former has dibs on managed and controlled trillion-dollar farm to market trade routes. The latter wants environmental Valhalla and lands untrammeled by modern man.

            In that common theme, they are united.

            The greater masses are the losers. Dope is going to flow in greater quantities to the insatiable American market. Millions of lives will be destroyed, and greater societal chaos will be the outcome. Lands untrammeled by man will be held in yet higher regard and rural citizenry on both sides of the border will be more effectively ostracized and removed from cultural roots.

            Money is the driver, anarchy is the outcome, and, at this point, … it’s hard for border residents to figure out which crooks their governments are supporting.           


            Stephen L. Wilmeth is a rancher from southern New Mexico. “Watch closely how this administration’s 30X30 plan plays out on the Mexican Border.”

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