Thursday, January 06, 2022

An endangered wolf spent days searching for a mate. The border wall blocked him.


Albinson Linares

One chilly early morning in November, a wolf roamed southwest of Las Cruces, New Mexico, on the southern border of the U.S. He was probably driven by the call for survival and wanted to mate, researchers say.

In his search for a mate or for better opportunities, the wolf tried to cross the dangerous Chihuahuan Desert, a region he knows very well because it has been his species' habitat since time immemorial. 

This time, however, he was unable to cross. The barriers that make up the border wall prevented him from crossing the border into Mexico.

...this Mexican gray wolf, whom they called Mr. Goodbar.

...“Mr. Goodbar’s Thanksgiving was forlorn, since he was thwarted in romancing a female and hunting together for deer and jackrabbits,” Robinson said. “But beyond one animal’s frustrations, the wall separates wolves in the Southwest from those in Mexico and exacerbates inbreeding in both populations.”...MORE

Oh, pobrecito.

He is "forlorn", "frustrated" and "thwarted".

So now we have a Wailing Wall for male Mexican Wolves.

"I can't get no hump,
'cuz of that evil Donald Trump."

Do the female wolves in the Gila have the cross legged colic?

Is the whole Gila area barren of deer and rabbits? 

If the fed's program is producing wimpy wolves, they should just own up to it and quit blaming the wall.

Apparently Little Red Riding Hood wasn't in as much danger as we feared.

The article says Mr. Goodbar was searching "for a mate or for better opportunities." A US wolf expects to find better opportunities in Mexico? You've got to be kidding me. Not only that, he would be going where there were fewer females wolves than where he's at! Apparently the federal program is producing not only wimpy wolves, but dumb ones too.

They have apparently produced a sheep in wolf's clothing.

If you ask me, the whole article is full of "holes".

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