Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Could Mike Pence Keep Couy Griffin Out Of Federal Prison?

Somewhere out there is a photo taken on January 6 by a White House Press photographer of former Vice President Mike Pence and his family in a secure location as hundreds of protestors stormed the Capitol steps and things got very violent, very quickly. That photo (if it exists) has not been made public but is now being used as a possible argument in Cowboys for Trump leader Couy Griffin’s defense.

... On January 4, Griffin’s defense team asked the government for the photos of Pence hiding out to use as part of their defense. On January 18, prosecutors filed paperwork denying the photographs were in the government’s possession.

So why do these photographs matter? Griffin is charged with two00 which The Paper. posted before it was taken down from the C4T Facebook page, Griffin rallied the crowd with a bullhorn and was there for about an hour. His defense is arguing that the government can only keep its case against him if it can prove that he “entered or remained” in the Capitol or on Capitol grounds while Pence was also present...MORE

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