Thursday, April 28, 2022

White House launches new initiative to get federal dollars to rural America

 On Wednesday, the Biden administration announced a new initiative, the Rural Partners Network, that aims to reset the way Washington works with rural communities around the U.S.

Led by the Department of Agriculture, the program will place federal employees in rural communities around the country to live and work — and bring more federal dollars to the nation's most isolated communities in the process. Their mission is to help locals navigate Washington’s intimidating bureaucracy all the way down to the level of assisting with grant proposals.

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and White House Domestic Policy Adviser Susan Rice will officially launch the program Wednesday in Mississippi, and it will begin in more than 25 rural communities and tribal nations across five states — Arizona, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, and New Mexico...MORE

...The White House officials contend the billions sit available to rural communities thanks to a bevy of programs tucked inside the American Rescue Plan and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.

...At the early stages, the Rural Partners Network will be small. Each of the targeted states will get three to five staff members immediately, but there are plans to broaden the program out. The officials in the field will be paired with new hires in Washington, DC with the goal of helping locals find the right person in Washington’s bureaucracy.

This gives you the opportunity to see how the DC Deep Thinkers think.

The Congress has passed questionable laws and funded them with billions of dollars. but, these ignorant rubes in rural areas are just to dumb to know how to get it.

You fix that, they say, by placing new federal employees in the rural communities to assist. However, the programs are so mangled and wide spread that the field employees need help. I guess just being in rural communities and brushing up against rural citizens makes the new federal employees incapable of understanding the programs (can't they wear a mask, get vaccinated or something to protect themselves from this pandemic of rural ignorance?).

You fix that by hiring new federal employees in DC who, of course,will be geniuses and know where every single federal dollar is located, and help shovel that dinero to rural areas. 

Yoe begin to see a pattern here:

a) create a problem through misguided legislation or regulation

b) fix the problem with a new approach which always involves more money and personnel

(c) when the fix doesn't work you...well you get the picture.

You spend more and hire more with your eye on the election. You want to be reelected so you can--that's right--spend more and hire more.

It is apparently working as the spend more-hire more types control the White House and the House of Representatives, and they are tied for control of the Senate.

The opposition is made up of those who also want to spend and hire more, just not as much as the first group.

There you have the political system designed by the DC Deep Thinkers as analyzed by a crippled old cowboy.

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