Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Progressives eye new Congress emboldened by midterm wins

 Progressives have finally found reason to celebrate. Now they just have to convince other Democrats to come to the party.

For months, moderates picked off primary challengers from the left ahead of the midterms, leaving just a handful of liberal candidates to compete against Republicans this fall.

But after a surprisingly strong night last Tuesday for Democrats, progressives are already suggesting ways they’d like to see members of Congress use their expanded bench — even as control of both chambers still hangs in the balance.

“It’s time for Democrats, especially progressive Democrats, to take attendance,” said Michael Starr Hopkins, a Democratic operative who’s been outspoken about what he sees as the party’s shortcomings. “They have power and they should use it to help their constituents. Period.” 

“There’s no question that this will be the most progressive Democratic caucus in decades,” Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.), the chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, said during a press conference on Sunday introducing new members of the group.

...Jayapal told reporters on Sunday that of the 18 candidates the Progressive caucus endorsed this cycle, 15 have won their races.

...The Congressional Progressive Caucus, which counts dozens of members in its ranks, will soon get several more lieutenants. And progressive Democrats are hoping the group’s gains will mean an emboldened liberal wing that isn’t afraid to flex its muscle within the party...MORE

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