Friday, January 20, 2023

Evidence of second wolfpack emerging in Colorado's North Park area near Walden

 North Park ranchers have been on high alert since late last year, when Colorado's first wolf kill of livestock in 80 years brought a fear lurking in the back of their minds to top of mind.

It was in the predawn hours of Dec. 18, 2021. The pack that included six wolf pups, the first born in the state since around 1940, and their parents, who migrated into the state, killed a calf a couple hundred yards from where rancher Don Gittleson was sleeping.

Five cows, three calves and two cattle dogs have been confirmed killed by the North Park pack since then. Colorado Parks and Wildlife said it has paid $12,929.75 in compensation for wolf livestock depredations of five cows, two working cattle dogs and one calf as of Jan.19, 2023. Two claims were outstanding and two claims were denied as of that date.

...And now there is emerging evidence a second pack of wolves may be sharing the wide expanse of sagebrush flats and mountains north of Walden with what's left of the North Park pack...more

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