Friday, March 10, 2023

Two years into the Biden administration, Alisa Ogden says "it's 1,000 times harder"

 Ranchers from across the country say their jobs under the Biden administration have gotten much more difficult, mired with uncertainty and needless regulation. 

"[It’s] 1,000 times harder," said Alisa Ogden, a New Mexico rancher. "It really is difficult. It’s hard to keep people working for you, just because of some of the free things they have gotten from the Biden administration." 

"The uncertainty of everything has really caused a lot of issues," Ogden added.

Loren Patterson, also from New Mexico, said it’s "definitely been harder."

"We seem to have more regulatory pressures put on us, specifically through the Endangered Species Act, and then all the supply chain issues, getting supplies to our family ranches is getting more and more difficult," he added, noting that issues like fuel prices are "stacking and stacking the deck against us."...more 

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