Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Biden: ‘I’ve Done All I Can Do’ To Solve Border Crisis, ‘Give Me The Power!’


President Joe Biden said Tuesday that he has exhausted all his options to solve the border crisis, but needs “the power” to further address the situation.

“Have you done everything you can do with executive authority [on the border]?” a reporter asked Biden as he wallm  during December 2023, the highest month on record. 

...Critics have repeatedly pointed to Biden’s first day in office for the worsening crisis at the southern border. Biden reversed several of former President Donald Trump administration’s border policies Jan. 20, 202, signing a series of executive orders. The executive orders halted the construction of the border wall and revoked the previous president’s deportation orders...more



The cry of every federal person, 'GIVE ME THE POWER'


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Jake said...

The lad is going from pillar to post, trying to garner support. Can't trump Trump!