Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Border Patrol agents reveal how easily terrorists and killers get into US despite being screened



Overwhelmed US border agents say violent offenders and potential terror threats are not getting singled out from the thousands of people caught illegally infiltrating the country every day.

The border enforcers are sounding the alarm, saying they do not get enough time to effectively screen people before they are ordered to let them go — usually within three days. 

Disorganized and uncooperative foreign governments with poor record-keeping also do not help, allowing a Colombian murderer, Somali terrorist and an Afghan on the terror watchlist to run free inside the country, the sources say.  

“It’s a catch-and-release operation, so they bring in busloads of people, they fingerprint them and [run them through a system], and initially, a lot of times, nothing comes back on these people,” a Border Patrol agent said of the distastrous situation.

“The turnover is insane, it’s less than 72 hours.”...more


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