Tuesday, May 07, 2024

Hunter ignores fresh grizzly track and faces angry mother bear, Montana officials say


...The ridge was covered with low trees and brush that might have obscured both his and the grizzly’s sight, plus he walked with the wind at his back, officials said.

He noticed a fresh grizzly track in a patch of snow — and kept going, officials said.

Minutes later, he stumbled upon the bear standing near the top of the ridge about 20 yards away from him, officials said. “The bear dropped to all four legs and charged,” according to the release.

The man did not have bear spray, officials said. He pulled out a gun and fired five shots while the bear was between 30 and 10 feet away from him. One shot initially grazed the bear but another hit and killed her, according to the release.

He was not hurt, officials said.

The adult female bear had been in good physical condition, estimated to weigh around 300 pounds at about 12 years old, officials said...more

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