Thursday, July 04, 2024

Bull Riding Legend Passes Away but His Legacy Lives On Forever

 He has been called the 'Greatest of All Time' and certainly was a legend in the arena.

Every single bull rider and every fan knew the name 'Bushwacker'. On July 2, what is quite possibly the 'Greatest Bull of All Time' passed away quietly and peacefully. Quite similar to how he lived his life.

For the talent he displayed in the arena and the fierceness of his bucking style, it was hard to believe how gentle the burnt-rust coated bull truly was.

Bushwacker's father was Reindeer Drippin' and his mother was Lady Luck who was sired by Diamond's Ghost. The lineage was nearly enough to make Bushwacker the champion that he was, but those that truly knew him, knew that it was his heart and a man named Kent Cox. Without those two pieces of the puzzle, Bushwacker's lineage may have been enough to make him a good bucking bull, but it certainly wasn't enough to make him the 'Greatest of All Time."

There were only three men who rode Bushwacker for the full 8-seconds. The first two happened when the bull was just a 3-year-old learning the ropes. After he learned how to "feel" what the riders were doing, success for the cowboys was non-existent. Four straight years of buck-offs - 42 in total - made Bushwacker a bull that the crowd loved to watch and the cowboys dreaded to draw. Except J.B. Mauney that is.

13 times. Mauney sat down on Bushwacker 13 times. The bull happened to be branded number 13 as well. The year was 2013. Mauney's successful venture of riding Bushwacker finally happened in Tulsa, Oklahoma. (In case you're wondering there are 13 letters in Tulsa, Oklahoma.). Mauney finally did it. He didn't last one second - not even a tenth of a second - longer than necessary but he finally got a score.

It wasn't just any score either, it was a 95.25 point ride. The announcer's got it right. "The greatest ever has been bested." He was talking about the bull - although J.B. Mauney may also be the greatest...more

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